Ana, 19, brazilian, fangirl, intj, socially awkward, feminist, atheist and addicted to musicals, movies, books and tv shows.

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We only have each other
It’s just you and me
What are we gonna do?
Do you want to build a snowman?

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“There’s a lot of young women who don’t know how to use their voice literally and figuratively. These girls get to be the authors of their own life.” - Idina Menzel


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It was all just a game. The game was that we were devoted to each other. That no one could ever come between us. That we loved each other more than anyone could ever love another person. We do love each other. Do we? Do we really mother?

You don’t start a drug war unless you’re prepared for a slaughter down to the last man standing. Are you prepared for that? Is your family?

You feel things deeply, and with or without [your heart] you feel things with your whole soul.